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IE Business School. Database Updating, CRM.

How to optimize a Database or CRM for a marketing action plan.

Project Description

Our client, IE Business School, which is among the most notable internationally, gave us the task of updating their Database during the first six months of 2015. This project was to be incorporated into a global marketing strategy set forth by their marketing department.

Their Database was made up of over 50,000 alumni, executives and business owners located in various countries around the world.

The profile of people included in the database varied as some were characterized as non-members, others as members that had attended Forums hosted by the business school and others who had never attended an event in the past.

Due to sensitivity required when contacting such a target group by phone, this was the first time that IE had entrusted a Call Center to update their former students’ data. For this very reason our Training department had to design a dynamic script and put our Call Center agents through in-depth training. As a result of the coordinated training effort the alumni were treated in a warm and courteous manner, a high number of alumni were contacted and only 3.13% expressed their desire to not share their personal data with us.

The outbound calls were made with the help of our Call Center system which employed a predictive dialing tool. In order to contact everyone in the Database we had to make an average of 3.5 calls per alumni. Additionally our telemarketing agents worked with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The information that was updated included name, address, company, sector, job title, telephone and email. A few personalized questions were added by our client regarding the perception of the business school and its magazine IDEAS.

While carrying out the telemarketing campaign the agents were also able to invite the alumni to two Forums which were being organized in Madrid and Hong Kong in February and April.

Thus, our agents met the objective of updating the client-specified data in the CRM, while making the most of the campaign to hear what the user’s had to say about our client, assess their level of satisfaction and invite them to two important Forums.

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