Event Attendance Confirmation. Diario 5 días & Renfe.

How to make your event a success.

Project Description:

Between the months of December and January we provided an event notification and attendance confirmation service for a leading advertising agency. It was an event organized by Cinco Días, a financial newspaper from the PRISA group, in collaboration with Renfe, the Spanish rail service.

We began by planning the announcement of the event 30 days prior. We had 5 business days to contact the 2,100 potential attendees in the Database. Our objective was to locate the key people in each organization; Managers, General Directors or Administrators in order to obtain their emails to then send them the event invitation.

Over the period of one week we contacted all of the companies. In some cases we had to make more than one call since not all of the attendees were available the first time, this posed an additional challenge.

Once the email collection phase was complete and the database updated with the attendees emails, we proceeded to send out the invitations via email.

Within a few days of sending the invites by email, and when the event was still fresh in the minds of our target group, we called them again by telephone to remind them of the event and figure out how interested they were in attending. By doing so we were able to create a fairly accurate list of attendees.

To finish up, 7 days before the event we got back into contact with the attendees to confirm their attendance. In this last phone call, a few cancelled and others informed us that they had invited associates who were interested in the event as a networking opportunity.

Thus, by offering the event notification and event attendance confirmation service we effectively helped our client eliminate doubts and prepare for the event capacity with certainty.

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