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24/7 Multilingual Customer Care Services. Telecommunications Industry.

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Project Description

For two years now our Contact Center has been providing the Customer Service for a Spanish multinational that is a leader in the telecommunications sector with operations in more than 20 countries.

We offer 24/7 telephone Customer Service assistance in Spanish, English and Portuguese.
Due to the high level of technical complexity that comes with a project like this, the agents are put through rigorous training sessions. Additionally, strict and well-defined communication protocol manuals and scripts were developed.

The service that we offer includes assistance with complaints, grievances and technical issues, in addition to supplying general information about the company to all its customers. In certain situations, which are previously defined in our agents’ communication protocol, calls are transferred to our client’s headquarters and dealt with by their operation centers in Spain or Latin America.

Bearing in mind that the operators or agents are in telephone contact with the most important telecommunications companies in the world and what that implies in economic terms, the quality of our service and the technology we use are decisive factors.

We have a quality control system in place to monitor the Customer Service assistance we offer as well as on-going product training. We use real-time auditing, recording, live monitoring & reporting systems. We also carefully control the key ratios such as the Service Level & AHT and require follow-up training for agents. Our agents work with our own Call Center system and all the tickets created show up in our client’s CRM instantaneously.

Cosmos Call Center has generated a technical call center structure capable of obtaining service levels of 98.5%. This percentage reflects the quality of the technology we utilize which minimizes the volume of abandoned calls.

To achieve such results, our IT department set up technical structures exclusive to each of our headquarters which included creating local IT teams, implementing redundancy & back-up regimes and establishing security measures. All of this was done for the purpose of obtaining the highest quality of communication possible.

Moreover, our client has all the details for the services we are providing them when they receive the end-of-the-month service output. In other words, we send our client all of our teams’ call recordings and report the specific information for each call & include the KPI’s. We also hold a monthly follow-up meeting held in our client’s headquarters.

The result of all this work is a monthly customer service level higher than 98%, professional Customer Care services in different languages, the centralization of client information in a multinational environment, substantial cost savings for telephony & personnel as well as support throughout our client company’s internationalization process.

The technological implementation was certainly a challenge for us, but the number of calls handled and our client’s satisfaction attest to the high level of service coverage and efficiency. There is no doubt that each & every day we continue to learn and implementing innovative cutting-edge technology to the world of Call Centers only leads to excellent results.

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