Customer Care. E-Commerce.

How to turn daily incidents into sales opportunities.

Project Description

Our client is a leading E-Commerce company, present in 12 different countries across Latin America from Argentina to Mexico. We have been working with them for over a year now providing customer service to those clients who have bought products online through the website and are having problems finalizing the purchase.

In order to carry this out, we have assigned groups to work from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week, taking over 10,000 calls, with the flexibility to increase the service at anytime at the client’s request or at peak demand times.

We provide this service by having access to our client’s server and CRM. This allows us to have all the information at hand when the call is received and be able to offer immediate solutions while at the same time conveying a feeling of proximity and efficiency. By doing so, we can immediately verify relevant information such as name, product purchased, date, cost, fees, name of the credit card holder and the reason why they were unable to finalize the purchase. Additionally, we can transfer the call directly to the credit card company in order to deal with authorizations.

We have a quality control system in place for our customer care services and provide continual product training. To do so we use real-time silent monitoring, recordings, live tracking, reporting systems, Service Level ratio control, AHT and ongoing training for the operators involved.

Throughout the calls we come across a wide-variety of problems that the clients need solved. These include: questions about or problems with the purchasing process, blocked accounts, issues with the payment or payment method changes, shipping questions, technical web questions, etc. Our agents have been specially trained in our client’s established procedures to deal with all of these issues and follow a specific and well-defined protocol.

The result of all this hard work is a customer service level of over 90% of all of the inbound calls each month. The average call lasts 3 minutes and almost all of them result in a sale, maximizing the business for the company.

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