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I have a good idea and a good product. Now…how do I sell it?

Project Description

For thousands of recent university graduates the enormous unemployment rate and the general pessimistic outlook on the market are anything but promising.

This extreme situation hasn’t stopped a group of young entrepreneurs from Catalonia, who have adapted to the new and complex market demands and set out on a new business venture with huge growth potential.

This Start-up created a website 2.0 for Human Resources where young talent with good qualifications (MBAs, etc.) can upload their CVs. As a result, a high-quality Database, which can be accessed by Human Resources departments from the largest Spanish companies, has been developed to cover staffing needs.

The design and technology used were fantastic and the know-how within the recruitment and hiring arena was top-notch. Unfortunately, they were facing problems with how to sell the site, where to begin and how to get the product in the hands of the right clients.

For just that reason they contracted our Call Center services to carry out a national telemarketing campaign focused only on large-scale businesses and their HR Directors. As a sales hook, they offered one month’s free access to the website so that Directors could try out the service at no cost and that way see the usefulness of the product for themselves.

The campaign included a massive number of outbound telephone calls, the creation of a Database to record company and HR department information as well as follow-up emails to those who were interested.

By using this approach, and thanks to the Call Center, a great business idea can be delivered to a well-defined target audience, leads can be obtained and new synergies for future commercial campaigns targeted at these companies can be created.

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