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Helping Google with Campaign Tracking; Google Doodle Project.

Project Description:

We had the honour of carrying out a high-profile project for a prominent Romanian advertising agency in Bucharest. It was the Doodle 4 Google Project.

Google Doodles are those fun and artistic variations of the Google logo that we so often see on the homepage of the most visited website in the world. They are designed by playing with the letters that make up the word “Google” in order to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and seasons or to commemorate the lives’ of renowned artists, inventors or scientists. Currently, Google has created over 1,000 Doodles on their website and they are usually created by illustrators (doodlers) or engineers that are inspired by the hundreds of Doodle requests they receive daily.

Our objective was to support the marketing campaign by captivating the interest of 6,000 children through their primary and secondary school teachers and signing them up in the Doodle 4 Google Contest.

After sending out the informative contest kits to all the school, which detailed the characteristics of the contest as well as included a sketch with the Google letters, the schoolchildren had to create drawings that mixed the Google letters with their perception of Romania.

The voting for the most creative and innovative drawings took places online between the 8th and the 27th of November and on the 1st of December, Great Union Day or the national holiday of Romania the winning drawing was made public on the Google homepage.

Nevertheless, the top 15 children in each age group had their drawings published, received gifts, t-shirts, tablets and other IT products for their schools, as a way of rewarding them for their designs.

The effort made to carry out our job of placing the outbound calls was amazing given the fact that in four intense days we managed to contact the vast majority of the teachers in the Romanian school system.

Approximately 50% of those contacted showed immediate interest in the contest, 1,335 teachers signed up straightaway and the rest wanted to know more about the project.

During the first two days we called the entire target group and identified those schools that had not yet received the information. From our Call Center we sent the missing information by email at the very moment the call was placed. At the end of the day we reported to our clients, with whom we worked closely and very cooperatively.

During the last two days we called the teachers back that had not received the information and confirmed their interest in participating in the contest.
In the end we were able to successfully manage a massive outbound call campaign that was of great national significance to Romania and contact the vast majority of the country’s schools in record-breaking time.

Here you can see the winning contest drawings.

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