Arranging Sales Meetings. Jazztel, Orange, Vodafone.

Go out and sell to people that want to buy. How to simplify the work for your sales staff.

Project Description

Due to the fact that current circumstances are difficult, companies need to constantly change their sales strategies and to maximize the efficiency of their sales staff.

The arrangement of sales meetings, before leaving the office, is a Call Center service, which prevents the inefficient use of time and increases the possibility of getting a foot in the door.

Thus, the sale staff can spend the majority of their workday visiting clients, making sales and securing contracts. Also, as an added bonus, the salesperson’s motivation increases.

Cosmos Call Center currently sets up more than 150 sales visits daily across Spain for Jazztel, Orange and Vodafone distributors. This means a total of 3,000 direct contacts a month. This also means working to update and support the services of small to medium-sized companies and Start-Ups that work in the marketing of telephony.

Our teams are completely specialized in the industry and are supported by very elaborate Database. They carry out the work of telemarketing following each company’s sales policy and new promotions.

There are certain challenges that require a lot of effort when it comes to arranging sales meetings. For example, the basic requirements sought after by the client according to their profile; the need for a minimum number of landlines and mobiles, coverage, time they have been with their current company, current Movistar clients, not being able to work in the sectors such as phone booth shops, industrial parks or motorways, etc.

At the end of the workday a daily report is sent to the distributors. In which, the company’s information, the name of the person responsible for telephony, the landlines, the mobiles, the DSL, the current users, the time they have been with their current company, the coverage, etc. are all included. Personalizing the information according to the each client’s requests requires considerable coordination and daily monitoring.

Our objective is to provide sales support to any company that is willing to innovate and break away from old sales strategies. In this way we want to improve and bring your sales up-to-date by working together on a collaborative project with mutual support.

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